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OK, so below this are random answers and details about the Prodigal Art movement - if this is your first time here, you might want to check out The Art Caretaking Concept, or the Q&A post first.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gathering support

The intention of this website is to gather supporters of this movement. Please share this idea and blog with your friends... And, if you wish to be on the list of 1000 people who are willing to support this with a pledge of $30 - then email Amanda at:

(Payments will not be collected until all 1000 people are gathered, and we know what the budget will be for the website -$30 is the maximum amount we will request per person...... you may actually be sending less when the time comes.)

All finances for the creation and ongoing support of this website will be open and visible to all. Names may be withheld for privacy, but you may see your piece of the pie up here through a nickname if you like. :) Thank you all so much for your support!

Here is more info on the
Supporting 1000....

Monday, April 23, 2007

What if the art is damaged or lost?

It will be up to the artist what he or she chooses to require, or forego, with regard to their own personal artwork.

If a particular piece is of a very high value, the artist may require an insurance policy be held by the caretaker which would cover the value of that piece, if anything were to happen while in the caretaker's possession. If an artist were to choose this protection, it would be a decision made between the artist and the caretaker, and not a requirement of the ProdigalArt website.

This may be a great point of discussion, to determine what may be a viable solution to this issue. One must consider, is it worth the cost of insurance, over the life of a piece of art, to protect the value it may earn?

Certainly this would be best decided on a case by case basis.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

What if I don't ever want to sell the artwork?

Many people have said that they would not want to be a caretaker, because they would love the art too much to part with it. I honor this honesty, and I know this is true in many cases, and it will continue to be true for many cases. However, I also believe that our perception that we will want to hold on to a piece of art for our entire lifetime, is based upon the current paradigm we live within; with respect to the way we currently buy and sell artwork.

When we begin to move our artwork more readily - to release it to the first person who chooses to have the art in their own home or space for a materials fee only, with the request for compensation coming back over the lifetime of a piece, then we will also find our resistance to selling artwork we have attained, dissolving right along with those barriers to attainment. If it is easier to obtain, then it is easier to sell.

This new paradigm around the idea of "freeing our art", is directly related to our movement into a new paradigm of abundance... abundance for ourselves, and abundance for our planet.

Most of the beliefs that we will not want to ever sell a piece of art, are manifestations of our current paradigm of scarcity and fear. If we believe beautiful artwork is something we must work very hard to have in our lives, then we will cling to anything that comes our way, for fear of never having anything like it again.

But imagine instead, a world in which all art is given freely in the beginning, only potentially requiring a materials fee, and naturally earns income with time, for both the artist, and anyone handling that piece, as it moves from one admirer to another, over the course of that artwork's life. Imagine the swell of creativity that will be born upon this Earth, when we know our artistic endeavors have true purpose and true placement within this world. When we as artists know, that every piece we birth, has full potential for being appreciated within our society, there is a natural inspiration that occurs within us, and more creativity than we can even imagine among us, will be born.

It is when we realize this potential among us, and embrace that potential, that this idea will be realized. And every single one of us, will share in the beauty which is manifested. We will all be caretakers of beautiful artwork, and we will all be seeing new artwork created each and every day.

When this happens, I know that most people will then allow that swell of new creativity to flow through them, by allowing artwork to enter and exit their lives, like each and every breath of air we take.

Friday, April 20, 2007

How can we trust the people?

I think it is important to remember that we are not trusting individual people in this process. We are trusting the Universe to create a karmic response to the energy we share with society. Collectively, the more artwork you share with a tightly knit community of people, the higher your chances will be of successfully reaping rewards from this in the future.

Once people understand how this concept works, and how this will empower artists and enrich our lives by creating connection within our communities, they will be inspired to engage with us, and in order to continue doing so, they will naturally honor the process which brought this joy to their lives in the first place. For it is through honoring this process, that they may continue to be rewarded by it, in their future.

I do, however, believe one's choice in where they share their art, and who they share it with initially, will have a profound effect on the outcome. The more you are able to concentrate your movements in a particular area, and have a community come to know you and your work, the greater your chance that collective of people will work for you - giving back what you have given to them. When you are nameless, or just a piece of art, it is more difficult for people to feel that sense of connection, and therefore, a need to give back.

Be concentrated in your efforts. Give locally. Create community through your generosity. Engage reciprocity.

The trust will manifest naturally.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Royalties on Art Sales in NZ?

Thank you to Robyn, for forwarding on this article to me...

This certainly deserves some discussion. It is adjacent to the idea of art caretaking in that artists may receive a form of "royalty" on each sale of their art in the future.

(In updating this post on March 29, 2008 - I found the original article missing - but I found the following instead.)

It certainly confirms in my mind, that the idea of art caretaking is in alignment with our future goals for art sales and artist compensation. However, Prodigal Art may be a bit beyond the current thinking, in that it also rewards the art caretakers/purchasers.

I do believe this is where we are headed, though - and I'm so thankful to see confirmation of this movement!

Friday, April 13, 2007

A dialog about Prodigal Art:

The following is a dialog I had through email... in which I discuss many aspects of the benefits and process of art caretaking... It was all spurred by this woman's perception, who could appreciate the idea of art caretaking, but believed she couldn't participate, since she grows attached to her art, and wouldn't want to pass it on....

She, also an artist, felt she would be obligated to the artist for which she was caretaking, to accept an offer, and move their piece forward, before she was really ready. And, she didn't believe she would want to do that, with a piece she loves....

The following dialog in response to her, highlights my intentions for the process, which will hopefully express, and allow others to understand, how this can occur naturally, without a sense of obligation...and will also highlight many other aspects of things I envision for the website and the movement....

please respond with your own opinions on any of these concepts...

I do understand something about not wanting to part with some pieces.

I tell you, though. That's part of what I think is so beautiful about this, though.......... Because for me, I want to know that what I create has a purpose...... a person who appreciates it......... and as long as that is happening with the original, I am happy.......... (that's my thinking, anyway) - And so....... if there comes a time when someone would rather sell than hang on to it - great........ and if they love it so much that they can't part with it..... then wonderful....... it's with someone who loves it, and is STILL appreciating it..... so much that they would turn down an offer........

But, you mentioned how you don't know that many wealthy people.... But that's not necessary..... My intention is to create local gatherings, and when you are ready to pass something along, you can bring it to one of these gatherings......... It's how we will build our community and sense of trust.........

Not to mention - every piece that moves, will be tracked and displayed on the website....... so, my imagining is, that the "favorite" pieces, will have a line of people who are offering to be the next caretaker.......... and you will be able to say whether you are ready to move it on or not, on the website........

When you do....... everyone who expressed interest in that piece in the past, and requested to be notified of when it may be available, will be notified.......

I'm not sure of the details of what we may want to do........ that's all to be determined...........

but all of that is why I believe the website is a key aspect to the development of this.............

To work without it, would be very difficult. I don't believe it would work. If it could..... we probably would have already been doing it this way......... at least, as an option.........

I've heard so many times, people like you and me, say the same things......... someone loved it so much, you wanted them to be able to have a particular piece. I sure hate telling someone they "can't afford it"..... by showing them a price that is out of their reach.

The purpose of this, is to bring the entry price down, so that EVERYONE can enjoy owning original artwork in their home............. it isn't a matter of how much money you earn........ it's a matter of integrity........... trust. There probably will be some pieces that people hold on to...... but the real story of someone's "trustworthiness" in the process, comes with time..... and many pieces......... If they hold onto all of them.......... and/or - it is discovered they sold something, and didn't report it.......... it will be discovered. The world, online, is becoming very small, indeed. And they won't be a part of the system, if they operate that way.......

that's another reason the website is so vital. It is the online reputation system.

But I believe that so much more art will happen, and so much more art will flow...... and the entry price, free........ will allow people even in slums to participate.... and for the price to roll up naturally as the artwork moves to people with higher amounts of income..............

You don't have to know high rollers......... I don't want the art to move up in price that quickly anyway........... I'm only looking to recoup what I would have received for it in the retail market, over a period of the art's lifetime........ and the sooner people start with this....... (i.e. teenagers and children........) - the more opportunity they have to amass a body of work that will continue bringing in residual income for them, long after they have created it.............

It all depends upon the art/the artist........ the desirability, truthfully. The same is SOMEWHAT true of gallery "rock stars" these days.......... except - so few get to be in the limelight. One has to first be represented............ and then........ through HYPE, oftentimes......... their reputation and price inflation occurs.

Art caretaking will level that.......... allow everyone an opportunity to be viewed equally - and the beauty of it is......... people can rate the artwork they enjoy, without seeing how others have rated it.......... and the "wisdom of the crowd" - a fact proven to work, will put top placement for the "favorite" pieces, when a person chooses to search via that method.

And they will be the art pieces most relevant to today! not just the masters of yesterday..... and the most hyped by the galleries now....

And my favorite of all - is that the artists, too - will be chosen/selected as favorites, in the same "crowd wisdom" method.... and those people will be given scholarships to go to other places in the world to create their artwork........ so that people THERE may enjoy caretaking their art, too.....

I get really excited when I think about what all of this will create........ and I see so many levels of how this will change so many things......... all for the better......

It fulfills so much of what we are missing........

And that night, back in March of 2003, when we had our first ProdigalArt meeting, it was SO inspiring....... it took me back to the time when we were all in school.... and shared our inspiration....... shared what we had created together...... and inspired each other to create more.

When our work sits in closets, and is not fully enjoyed by others, it stifles the creative process............. The work is not fulfilling its purpose, and we see little reason to continue.

The moment we all gathered together, and watched as people's faces lit up at each other's artwork........ We all were stirred with the fire to create more.

That is the TRUE purpose of all of this............... to bring back the integrity to what an artist's real purpose is.......... to create and share artwork with those who love it........ to bring messages to the surface...... to create dialog and inspiration, and touch levels of our being we don't normally touch.

Creating art for hire, or for profit, as the intention in the beginning, or so soon after the point of creation, doesn't feel respectful of the art, for a deep reason........ it's one we don't often want to analyze.......... We know we enjoy the process, and want to experience that more........ and the "hard truth" of our society - that we must make money to pay the bills............................ and THIS is how we do it......... has brainwashed us into disrespecting the real messages in our artwork..... and to create artwork for different reasons than the purest reason of all.....................

and we are the ones that miss that piece........ we don't even know what it is.................. we feel it............. we know it..................

But.................... we continue, as we were. We simply don't know how to do it any differently.

This is how I believe we can make it different.......... and we can allow that real truth of our art.......... the messages that have been waiting for us....... waiting to reveal themselves to us........................ to finally live through us.......... and among us................. to heal us, and bring us back together.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Questions and Answers

This will be the post I will modify from time to time with links to new questions as they come up.... I will maintain a link to this post on the right side of the home page, so you may locate a post that answers a specific question, easily from here...

Click on a question, to be taken to the relevant post:

Questions about the ProdigalArt/Art Caretaking concept:
What is Prodigal Art about/What is art caretaking?
But what if I want to keep the art forever?
How can we trust people to honor this system?
Who owns the artwork?
What happens if a piece of art is damaged or lost?

Questions about this website, and details of how it will work:
What are you actually doing with this blog?
How can I join this?/How can I support this effort?
Why a blog/What about a forum to discuss this?

Do you have any other questions you would like answered? about the process/website/other? Please ask! Send an email to me, Amanda Koh, at:

Register of Supporters

The following is the running tally of everyone who supports this mission and will also be contributing sponsors for the upcoming website. The total amount donated depends on the cost of the website, and the amount of supporters we gather. The maximum which will be requested is $30 per person. My goal is to gather 1000 people, with an estimated cost for website build at $30,000. (This is based on previous price quotes over the last few years.) At $30 each, we could do this. If we get more people, it will cost less per person. Please help to spread the word about this mission, so we can do this!

I am going to begin the list at 1000, and the numbers will decrease as each person is added to the list. That way, at a glance, we will know how many more people we must reach to attain our goal.

It is possible that by the time we are ready to collect the funds, we will be a registered non-profit, and all donations within the US will be tax deductible... If you would like to participate in helping to create that, please let me know when you email! Thanks so much!

Current register of supporters who pledge up to $30 to support this mission:

1000-Amanda Koh, Mukilteo, WA USA
999-S.K., Mukilteo, WA USA
998-J.S., Ferndale, MI USA
997-R.S., St. Charles, MO USA
996-M.E.M., Marshall, TX USA***
995-L.B., Tulsa, OK USA
994-J.M., St. Charles, MO USA
993-W.G.S., Guildford, ENGLAND
992-D.B., Omaha, NE USA
991-L.P., Lampasas, TX USA**
990-M.H., Seattle, WA USA

(list last updated November 6, 2007)

If you would like to be added to this list, please email me, Amanda Koh, at this address:

Remember, there will be NO MONEY COLLECTED AT THIS TIME! This is only a pledge.

Thank you all very much for your support! I look forward to sharing this great website with all of you in the future!


Amanda Koh

p.s. If you'd like to subscribe to this blog to stay in touch, please see the right side of this web page for further instructions. The above address is only for the list of people willing to pledge. Thank you!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Would a forum be better?

OK, everyone...

I'm thinking I may like to set up a forum for this purpose instead. What do you think?

Here's my current reasoning:
1. This is a new way of doing things, and there will be many questions. A blog won't allow people to find the information they need to answer these questions quickly and efficiently.
2. My purpose is to gather together 1000 people to help support this mission financially... and I am not feeling comfortable with the way in which people will be subscribing to this...... some through feeds..... some through email subscriptions.... I'm just not sure I'll have enough control to reach people when the time is right (when we reach our goal...) Or...
3. When will we reach our goal? I could have 4000 people subscribing to this, but only 500 of those people may be willing to help with the costs of the website. Many of those people could just be interested in what's happening...

So - would a forum be best?

Or - could a forum be mitigated by simply having a couple links on the side - one to a Q & A section.... and, another to a specific "email me HERE" link, if you wish to be on the list to support this financially....

What would you prefer?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Art Caretaking Concept

We are here to create a new way of sharing and selling original artwork in the world today. The way we can do this, is through a reversal of the way art is currently sold. Instead of selling artwork for the full price up front, to a single buyer, artists can hand their artwork to "art caretakers" who will enjoy the artwork until they are ready to sell it/pass it on to the next caretaker....

The profit from each movement of the artwork, is divided equally between the artist and the caretaker, with the artist, then able to collect "royalties" in a sense, from the original piece. The amount of money earned over the life of the art, would then be dependant upon it's desirability among the public, and how much it naturally escalates in value with each successive movement.

As an example:

A painting is given to the caretaker 1. (Let's estimate the artist would have otherwise sold this piece in the retail market for $1000... when a buyer was found.)

After a period of time, an offer is made to the original caretaker, for $100. If the caretaker is willing at this time, to let the piece go for this amount (and receive new art from the artist) - he will sell/move at this time. The PROFIT on this move is $100, since he is the original caretaker. The profit is divided in half, between him and the artist, so they each receive $50 on this move.

Now, after caretaker 2 has had this piece for a period of time, he receives an offer for $300 for the painting. If he is ready to move it forward to this caretaker, then the profit would be $200. ($300 - the $100 he paid.) This $200 profit, is split evenly between the artist and caretaker, with each receiving $100.

This process continues for the life of the painting... allowing everyone to enjoy and appreciate original artwork in their homes, as long as they continue to prove they can handle the artwork respectfully, and are willing to participate in the giving/sharing nature of this movement.

Certain people will be attracted to this method, and will be excited to continuously be moving new artwork into their home.... and for those people, this process will exist.

This is not meant to replace the way that art is traditionally sold. It is meant to be an alternative choice. An artist may sell one piece traditionally, and have the next piece go to a caretaker.

There are many benefits to this method, on many levels, which we may discuss and explore in further posts...

Now you may want to read this Inspired Dialog about Prodigal Art, which I believe helped a supporter to understand how this concept can be used by everyone successfully.

Or, if you already like the concept, on "The Vision", I explain what we are intending to create through this blog.

The Vision

Let us bring 1000 people to this site, with the intent of banding together to create a database driven website. Funds to support the site's design can be pooled together by anyone wanting to utilize this concept in their area.

The website will allow artwork to be tracked, and funds to be distributed properly to the artist and caretaker, with a single payment from the new caretaker.

On this website, we can discuss the website to be created - specific functionality desired... and who may be best suited to help us create it... how much it will cost.... etc.

I expect timeline for website creation to be about 3 months.

Timeline for us to gather 1000 people?

That's up to you.

Thank you for joining in this mission, and sharing this idea and website with the people you know...


Amanda Koh