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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Art Caretaking Concept

We are here to create a new way of sharing and selling original artwork in the world today. The way we can do this, is through a reversal of the way art is currently sold. Instead of selling artwork for the full price up front, to a single buyer, artists can hand their artwork to "art caretakers" who will enjoy the artwork until they are ready to sell it/pass it on to the next caretaker....

The profit from each movement of the artwork, is divided equally between the artist and the caretaker, with the artist, then able to collect "royalties" in a sense, from the original piece. The amount of money earned over the life of the art, would then be dependant upon it's desirability among the public, and how much it naturally escalates in value with each successive movement.

As an example:

A painting is given to the caretaker 1. (Let's estimate the artist would have otherwise sold this piece in the retail market for $1000... when a buyer was found.)

After a period of time, an offer is made to the original caretaker, for $100. If the caretaker is willing at this time, to let the piece go for this amount (and receive new art from the artist) - he will sell/move at this time. The PROFIT on this move is $100, since he is the original caretaker. The profit is divided in half, between him and the artist, so they each receive $50 on this move.

Now, after caretaker 2 has had this piece for a period of time, he receives an offer for $300 for the painting. If he is ready to move it forward to this caretaker, then the profit would be $200. ($300 - the $100 he paid.) This $200 profit, is split evenly between the artist and caretaker, with each receiving $100.

This process continues for the life of the painting... allowing everyone to enjoy and appreciate original artwork in their homes, as long as they continue to prove they can handle the artwork respectfully, and are willing to participate in the giving/sharing nature of this movement.

Certain people will be attracted to this method, and will be excited to continuously be moving new artwork into their home.... and for those people, this process will exist.

This is not meant to replace the way that art is traditionally sold. It is meant to be an alternative choice. An artist may sell one piece traditionally, and have the next piece go to a caretaker.

There are many benefits to this method, on many levels, which we may discuss and explore in further posts...

Now you may want to read this Inspired Dialog about Prodigal Art, which I believe helped a supporter to understand how this concept can be used by everyone successfully.

Or, if you already like the concept, on "The Vision", I explain what we are intending to create through this blog.

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