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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Register of Supporters

The following is the running tally of everyone who supports this mission and will also be contributing sponsors for the upcoming website. The total amount donated depends on the cost of the website, and the amount of supporters we gather. The maximum which will be requested is $30 per person. My goal is to gather 1000 people, with an estimated cost for website build at $30,000. (This is based on previous price quotes over the last few years.) At $30 each, we could do this. If we get more people, it will cost less per person. Please help to spread the word about this mission, so we can do this!

I am going to begin the list at 1000, and the numbers will decrease as each person is added to the list. That way, at a glance, we will know how many more people we must reach to attain our goal.

It is possible that by the time we are ready to collect the funds, we will be a registered non-profit, and all donations within the US will be tax deductible... If you would like to participate in helping to create that, please let me know when you email! Thanks so much!

Current register of supporters who pledge up to $30 to support this mission:

1000-Amanda Koh, Mukilteo, WA USA
999-S.K., Mukilteo, WA USA
998-J.S., Ferndale, MI USA
997-R.S., St. Charles, MO USA
996-M.E.M., Marshall, TX USA***
995-L.B., Tulsa, OK USA
994-J.M., St. Charles, MO USA
993-W.G.S., Guildford, ENGLAND
992-D.B., Omaha, NE USA
991-L.P., Lampasas, TX USA**
990-M.H., Seattle, WA USA

(list last updated November 6, 2007)

If you would like to be added to this list, please email me, Amanda Koh, at this address:

Remember, there will be NO MONEY COLLECTED AT THIS TIME! This is only a pledge.

Thank you all very much for your support! I look forward to sharing this great website with all of you in the future!


Amanda Koh

p.s. If you'd like to subscribe to this blog to stay in touch, please see the right side of this web page for further instructions. The above address is only for the list of people willing to pledge. Thank you!