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Monday, April 23, 2007

What if the art is damaged or lost?

It will be up to the artist what he or she chooses to require, or forego, with regard to their own personal artwork.

If a particular piece is of a very high value, the artist may require an insurance policy be held by the caretaker which would cover the value of that piece, if anything were to happen while in the caretaker's possession. If an artist were to choose this protection, it would be a decision made between the artist and the caretaker, and not a requirement of the ProdigalArt website.

This may be a great point of discussion, to determine what may be a viable solution to this issue. One must consider, is it worth the cost of insurance, over the life of a piece of art, to protect the value it may earn?

Certainly this would be best decided on a case by case basis.

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