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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Royalties on Art Sales in NZ?

Thank you to Robyn, for forwarding on this article to me...

This certainly deserves some discussion. It is adjacent to the idea of art caretaking in that artists may receive a form of "royalty" on each sale of their art in the future.

(In updating this post on March 29, 2008 - I found the original article missing - but I found the following instead.)

It certainly confirms in my mind, that the idea of art caretaking is in alignment with our future goals for art sales and artist compensation. However, Prodigal Art may be a bit beyond the current thinking, in that it also rewards the art caretakers/purchasers.

I do believe this is where we are headed, though - and I'm so thankful to see confirmation of this movement!

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annalouise said...

VEry much appreciate the thought and care going into this caretaking approach. Liberating art! Am struggling to sell and will try this approach. Let you know how it goes. and isendyouthis... a new site I am about to adopt.

Painting continues, revealing sensitive issues from childhood... those who have taken a look at this once-hidden history have (men and women) burst into tears! It is effecting them deeply. And so I must get back to it. These artworks are not yet on site, none of my paintings are, except inner landscapes (textural thought processes) and Snowdonia at Dawn.