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Sunday, April 22, 2007

What if I don't ever want to sell the artwork?

Many people have said that they would not want to be a caretaker, because they would love the art too much to part with it. I honor this honesty, and I know this is true in many cases, and it will continue to be true for many cases. However, I also believe that our perception that we will want to hold on to a piece of art for our entire lifetime, is based upon the current paradigm we live within; with respect to the way we currently buy and sell artwork.

When we begin to move our artwork more readily - to release it to the first person who chooses to have the art in their own home or space for a materials fee only, with the request for compensation coming back over the lifetime of a piece, then we will also find our resistance to selling artwork we have attained, dissolving right along with those barriers to attainment. If it is easier to obtain, then it is easier to sell.

This new paradigm around the idea of "freeing our art", is directly related to our movement into a new paradigm of abundance... abundance for ourselves, and abundance for our planet.

Most of the beliefs that we will not want to ever sell a piece of art, are manifestations of our current paradigm of scarcity and fear. If we believe beautiful artwork is something we must work very hard to have in our lives, then we will cling to anything that comes our way, for fear of never having anything like it again.

But imagine instead, a world in which all art is given freely in the beginning, only potentially requiring a materials fee, and naturally earns income with time, for both the artist, and anyone handling that piece, as it moves from one admirer to another, over the course of that artwork's life. Imagine the swell of creativity that will be born upon this Earth, when we know our artistic endeavors have true purpose and true placement within this world. When we as artists know, that every piece we birth, has full potential for being appreciated within our society, there is a natural inspiration that occurs within us, and more creativity than we can even imagine among us, will be born.

It is when we realize this potential among us, and embrace that potential, that this idea will be realized. And every single one of us, will share in the beauty which is manifested. We will all be caretakers of beautiful artwork, and we will all be seeing new artwork created each and every day.

When this happens, I know that most people will then allow that swell of new creativity to flow through them, by allowing artwork to enter and exit their lives, like each and every breath of air we take.

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