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Friday, April 20, 2007

How can we trust the people?

I think it is important to remember that we are not trusting individual people in this process. We are trusting the Universe to create a karmic response to the energy we share with society. Collectively, the more artwork you share with a tightly knit community of people, the higher your chances will be of successfully reaping rewards from this in the future.

Once people understand how this concept works, and how this will empower artists and enrich our lives by creating connection within our communities, they will be inspired to engage with us, and in order to continue doing so, they will naturally honor the process which brought this joy to their lives in the first place. For it is through honoring this process, that they may continue to be rewarded by it, in their future.

I do, however, believe one's choice in where they share their art, and who they share it with initially, will have a profound effect on the outcome. The more you are able to concentrate your movements in a particular area, and have a community come to know you and your work, the greater your chance that collective of people will work for you - giving back what you have given to them. When you are nameless, or just a piece of art, it is more difficult for people to feel that sense of connection, and therefore, a need to give back.

Be concentrated in your efforts. Give locally. Create community through your generosity. Engage reciprocity.

The trust will manifest naturally.

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